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About Us

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About Vizz

We're Raina and Bob, two people who love helping fellow business owners grow their businesses by creating websites that really connect with customers.

We believe every website should be easy for the visitor to use and have a look and feel that reflects that particular's business's philospy and values.

Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you.

Live in the Raleigh-Durham area? We're happy to meet up with you in person.

Bob Haegele

Bob Haegele

Bob has a bachelor's in IT and worked in healthcare IT for 9 years. He is also the founder of thefrugalfellow.com and co-owner of bloomingwealth.com, a site that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

He has been designing websites as a hobby for more than a decade. Bob says of web design, "I like being able to create something real and functional. Something I can look back at and say, 'Hey, I made that!' And something that solves real problems as well."

Bob resides in Durham. In his free time, he loves to travel, attend concerts, go for a hike, or play video games.

Raina Cassity

Raina Cassity

Raina has a master's in marketing and management and has owned numerous businesses.

She is the original founder and co-owner of bloomingwealth.com. She has been designing websites for her own businesses and projects since 2007.

Having the entrepreneurial bug since college, Raina loves hearing the stories of fellow business owners. She sees web design as an extention of that: "I get to create something out of nothing that can have a huge impact on a business.That's exciting."

Raina loves to read, take walks, play piano and attend social events in her spare time. She currently lives in Raleigh.